Kiki Kiwi & Friends: The Travelling Trash Storybook

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Join Kiki Kiwi and his friends Puka Pukeko, Sybil Seagull, Turi Tuatara and Tamati Turtle to learn what happens when we are careless and don't put litter in the bin.

This educational story teaches children the importance to 'Do The Right Thing' when it comes to litter, and to understand that just because you throw something away it does not mean it actually goes away.

This story is suitable for children 5-11 year old and was developed in line with the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Litter Less programme. Also available for purchase is the full Kiki Kiwi educational resource kit which includes not just a copy of the book, but also comprehensive lesson plans, interactive worksheets and lots of resources that educate students on the impact litter has on our environment and teaches them the importance of doing the right thing. 

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